Andy Iwancio is a trans gal comedian from Seattle who has been gracing comedy stages for 8 years. She has opened for Kyle Kinane, Cameron Esposito, and Whitmer Thomas. She appeared in the Emmy award-winning movie "Star Wars Uncut" and the Hump Film Festival award-winning short "Queer Safari". You may have also heard her on “The Bananas Podcast with Kurt & Scotty”, “Lady to Lady”, “Dork Forest”, “Improv4Humans”, “This Is Rad!” and “The Sarah Silverman Podcast”.


"She's very funny and her name also has all of the vowels" --Laurie Kilmartin


"Awesome." --Kyle Kinane

Genevieve Murdick is a writer and comedian from Mobile, Alabama. She hosts the podcasts "So What'd I Miss" and "Comedians Ruin the Bachelor(ette)."

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Katie Felton is a fresh-faced, although not fresh in age, a stand-up comedian from Austin, Texas. You can find her performing stand-up at bars, coffee shops, and dog parks across the city. When Katie is not on stage, you can find her stuffing her face with chips and queso while recapping the latest episode of The Real Housewives to her friends. Follow her on Instagram @k8efelts to see her next stand-up dates and desperate attempts to stay young by doing TikTok dances.

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Jordan Harris has been working as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for nearly a decade. Although helping other people have babies through the majority of her childbearing years has her donating her biological clock to the nearest non-denominational charity, her experiences both beautiful and traumatic have only enhanced her sarcastic, bawdy, and sometimes dark sense of humor. So if you've ever been born, or know anyone who has,  check out this SLC funny lady! 

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Britny Rose started her career studying at The American Musical and Dramatic academy, but went on to earn bachelors in theater and business from other universities. She worked with kids as a care taker and in education for many years till she became a youth host for Disney cruise line. Britny left DCL in 2014 in order to transition into who she is today, and in 2015 started her comedy journey. Over the last five years, Britny, started by working many an open mic in clubs in Missouri and Colorado. She enjoyed getting called to perform sets on the regular in The Blue Room and Martha’s Vineyard in Springfield, Mo, and Route 6 in Vail, Colorado. She was recently named Best of the Fest at the Burbank Comedy Festival done virtually in August 2020, and is the host, founder, and MC for Eagle county Pride in the Park held in Avon, Colorado. Being one of the few transgender comics in the business, Britny puts her experiences of her transition from shy quiet boy to outgoing adventurous girl into laughs all can enjoy.

Bridget Denman is a delight to watch on stage. Come along with Bridget for a hilarious journey about her life as a transgender woman and her foibles in dating. Bridget is a regular at Go Bananas in Cincinnati and runs her own show, "Queer and Friends," a showcase that brings the funniest queer and allied comedians together on the same stage.

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Shaw Webby is a St Paul, MN comedian that performs regularly all around the country.

Sam Kap is a stand-up comedian, show producer, and podcaster out of Philadelphia. She produces and hosts The Afternoon After; a monthly showcase and a twice-monthly open mic. Her podcast, Sam We Are is part of DropTent Media and is available on all streaming platforms. She is a bicycle enthusiast, vegan, & cannabis professional.

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Laura Thomspon is a Denver comedian and producer. She also happens to be the president of Art of Comedy and is using her amazing nonprofit talents to make this year's festival one of a kind. When she is not working hard for nonprofits, she can be seen performing all over Colorado.