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Laura Thomspon is a Denver comedian and producer. She also happens to be the president of Art of Comedy and is using her amazing nonprofit talents to make this year's festival one of a kind. When she is not working hard for nonprofits, she can be seen performing all over Colorado.

Coral Thede burst onto the Des Moines comedy scene with wide eyes and big lungs - much like the day she was born. She is a spirited comedian who has performed around the Midwest and entertained across the globe. Coral is also producer and host of her wildly popular monthly sold-out show Tits Up! at Teehee’s Comedy Club.

She is a gifted storyteller and a well-traveled soul, who can often be found singing her thoughts out loud. She is a fan of road trips, her quarantine cat Archie and crop tops. Wherever she goes, light and laughter are sure to follow.

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Mel is an "overwhelming ball of energy" from Des Moines, Iowa. She uses comedy to pursue her constant need for attention. With a background in theatre, improv, cheerleading, and gymnastics and a full-time job planning weddings, she just wants everyone to have a good time. She has performed standup in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Omaha. Whether you’re horny, hungry, or worried that everyone's mad at you, you're sure to find her bubbly demeanor either deeply relatable or destructively annoying.

Lisa Rossi is a Des Moines-based comedian, specializing in standup and improv. She has performed on stages across the Midwest, as well as in San Francisco and L.A. She is currently studying with The Groundlings Theatre, part of the organization's Core Track program. She also trains with the American Comedy Institute. Lisa is a Stanford University John S. Knight Journalism fellowship alum; she attend in 2017-18 with the goal of reinventing community conversations. Lisa draws on her career in journalism to inform her stand-up performances. While working for various media organizations, she specialized in politics, narrative journalism and live storytelling. Lisa has also studied comedy with Teehees Comedy Club in Des Moines, The Second City in Chicago and the Unscripted Theater Company in San Francisco.

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Tressa Slater has been dabbling in different areas of comedy for about 5 years. She's got a couple of podcasts out there: Ice Breaker (conversational) and the Facility (sci-fi improv) and is always looking for the opportunity to make hilarious and in-depth observations about the paranormal.

Sam Selby is a Chicago based comedian whose comedic style can only be described as the perfect combination of cute and crude. She has performed at Zanies Chicago, Laugh Factory and more recently, a park near you! (But only if you live in Chicago)

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Ellie Snyder is a comic from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She finds inspiration from her experiences in music school, her incredibly slow marathon times, and various terrible conversations she's had with her ex-boyfriends' mothers. When she's not driving all around the Midwest doing stand-up, you can find her writing bad fiction and studying to become a licensed opossum rehabilitator.

Jamie Tharney is a stand-up comedian, originally from Florida, who has made her mark on the Midwest comedy scene! After only 6 months of open mics in Sioux Falls she won the coveted Larry Brinkman Award in Comedy and after winning it for a third time in June 2021, she is still the only female comedian to have won this award. Looking for more opportunities for her fellow female comedians, she formed the Prairie Madness production company. The female troupe has gone on to sell out venues across the city. Jamie Tharney's style is built on her 'white trash' upbringing in both rural and urban Florida. She'll shock you with her family stories and have you doubled over with her take on life in the Midwest.

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Hailing all the way from a freakishly large family in Anchorage, Alaska Melissa Emmal is a natural storyteller with a quick wit, a sharp tongue and a passion for travel and social justice. Fighting violence and injustice by day, by night she copes with the ridiculousness of the world by making herself, her friends and her audiences laugh instead of cry.

Angela Sawyer is a professional middle-aged nice-lady, very artsy, who used to run one weekly and four monthly comedy type shows. Now that COVID is here, she mopes around the house mourning her google calendar and also playing horrible music no one likes (but her man-roommates like least of all).

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Denver comedian Helen Reicher has a love-hate relationship with her kids, dating, and life in general. Her cynical optimism leaves only one would appropriate to describe her comedy ~ realness. Helen produced multiple regular Denver shows and the annual Art of Female Comedy Festival, all fundraisers for Art of Comedy. When she is not performing all over Colorado, she can be seen touring and sleeping in Planet Fitness parking lots from coast to coast.