XXXY (triple XY) is the boyband your parents warned you about. The reigning kings of Portland have toured along the west coast, winning over the hearts of many since June 2018, with no signs of stopping. They're known to perform nostalgic pop and R&B hits from the 90's/00's with the choreography to match. The drag king members include Emíl Gourdon (the heartbreaker), Mike Rotch (the hipster), and Phil N. Frisky (the Latin lover).

Kujichagulia Juniper Whitehead is a Chicago based comedian and writer who has become known as (and self proclaimed) the Queen of Radical Comedy. Her brand combines radical politically charged sentiments with her personal experience touching on mental health and why she thinks it's wrong to pour your milk into the bowl before the cereal. Her festival credits include: NW Black Comedy Festival (Portland, OR), Charm City Comedy Festival (Baltimore, MD), International Lady Laughs Comedy Festival (Madison, WI) and Sixth Comedy Festival (Cleveland, OH). Follow and support her online through her handle @iamkjwhitehead and buying merch from!

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Jeen Yee is a San Francisco based stand-up comedian who performed in SF Sketchfest. Jeen has been in the World Series of Comedy, telling jokes in cities throughout the US. She has also won the Saddle Rack Comedy Championship and Tommy T’s Monthly Competition. Jeen has performed stand-up in Spanish and English, and her comedy tours span five countries so far, including Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey. Her travels and teaching experiences allow for perceptive interpretations of people of all different ages, places, and number of teeth. Onstage, Jeen is a delight. At once intimate and expansive, Jeen leaves audiences feeling like they have just shared a moment with someone.

Lucy Tollefson is a writer and comedian from Madison, WI based in Seattle, WA. Lucy has performed in the 2019 Salem Comedy and Spirits Festival (MA), Intersections Festival 2019(WA) and the 2019 L.A. Laugh Riot Grrrl Fest. She won Seattle’s “Comedy Clash” competition in 2019. Lucy would have definitely been in some great festivals in 2020 too. Lucy has studied with the Second City, including Sketch Writing, Writing for Late Night and completing the Satire Writing program. She has been published in The Syndrome Mag, Greener Pastures, Robot Butt, and is the head editor of Partially Obstructed Views. Lucy is a co-host of the Mind the Gap Podcast. She performs regularly around Washington, Oregon, and wherever else she has a friends couch to crash on.

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Tambre grew up in Montana where she was raised by feral beatnik cowboys. Wildly overdressed for every occasion, Tambre has been called the Feminist Fatale of Seattle comedy. Credits include: Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, Seattle Sketchfest, Intersections Festival.

Joyce Nance, a hard-drinking Portland comedian who started at the bottom with open mics and then rose to the middle of the showcase genre, hard drinking all the way.

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Kara Morehart is a comedian, writer, and online content creator from Portland Oregon. She began her comedy career in 2016 via Instagram and since then has featured on several shows and podcasts along the west coast. Kara’s style of comedy is a mix of self depreciation and social commentary. You can find most of her comedy online on Instagram and Twitter at @karamorehart

Kayla Marie is an autistic comedian who believes there’s nothing funnier than the truth. She’s the director and producer of the Gosh Damn Sketch Show and hosts the diversity and inclusion podcast “Strange Together” airing weekly on 98.3FM KMWV along with co-host Tony Meyer. As a survivor of human trafficking and domestic violence she tells her story and helps others find joy in life through comedy. Kayla recently opened for Nate Craig and Kenny Deforest and will be performing at the 10th Annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival.

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Ann Walker lights up the stage everywhere she goes, leaving thunderous laughter and applause in her wake. She's travelled the US doing stand up since 2012 having adventure after adventure. She's brilliant. She's hilarious and pretty dope too.

Chris Shurr is a trans-stand-up comedian based out of Brooklyn. She’s performed all over NYC as well as the two-state area.

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