Some Assembly Required is an improv comedy troupe full of teenagers who specialize in short form and hybrid improv comedy. The troupe performs professionally in Denver and the surrounding areas and is actively involved in working with the community, teaching, and performing improv. The SAR performers are a hodgepodge of genders and orientations.


Don't let these kids fool you though. Their humor and their talents are very much adult. Imagine theatre geeks, but darker. That is Some Assembly Required.


We hope you enjoy watching these amazing and talented kids as they engage and entertain at Rise Comedy!

Laura Thomspon is a Denver comedian and producer. She also happens to be the president of Art of Comedy and is using her amazing nonprofit talents to make this year's festival one of a kind. When she is not working hard for nonprofits, she can be seen performing all over Colorado.

Laura Thompson
Jennifer Sutherland

Like many comics, Jennifer was driven to comedy by unresolved childhood trauma. Her style is “desperate to relate” but, like, in a cute way. She was a founding member of the Denver Sketch Group, Token Boy (R.I.P.), and can be found disappointing, she means, delighting open mic crowds. Her bookings to date include Rise Comedy Student Showcases, The Fresh and Clean Showcase and a brewery, of course, because it IS Colorado!.

Emily Kingsley is a fresh face in the Denver Comedy seen. Trained at Rise Comedy (formally Voodoo Comedy), she splits her time between improv, stand up, and sketch comedy. Emily is a loud mouth sass ball who brings her nerdy band geek charm to warm any crowd. When she isn’t making the funnies, she is in the thick of raising her two daughters. Her patriarchal busting humor and her flugelhorn keeps her sane during the non-monotinus monotomy of motherhood.

Emily Kingsley.png
Ashley NG

Ashley is a talented student of the comedy classes taught at Rise Comedy by Denver comedian Christie Buchele, a Comedy Works favorite, and talented teacher. 

Dayna is a comedian who has finally found an outlet for her weird thoughts with the help of Rise Comedy classes. She has had her work published in McSweeney’s is currently performing all over Denver.

Dayna McTavish